Software Localization

Software localization is not only translation of a software interface and messages to another language, but also adaptation of some formats (e.g. measures, dates and currency) plus adaptation to local cultures. Kowua devotes herself to localizing software into Simplified Chinese - our native language.
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Technical Translation

Similar to the software application project, Kowua delves into documentation files provided by our client; translate and proofread text strings that can be immediately translated. Special care must be taken for some graphics and we need to run localized software to capture the graphics illustrated on documentation.
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Desktop Publishing (DTP)

China is an emerging desk-top publishing (DTP) market and Kowua offers DTP service of the highest caliber Desktop publishing includes leveraging of computer hardware and software to publish and allowing designers to rearrange text and graphics on screen, change typefaces easily, and resize graphics instantaneously ...
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Kowua was established by a group of linguistic and technical experts, and is one of the well known localization service provider in China. We provide quality and efficient localization services for the CCJK (simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) markets.
Kowua is a vital localization service provider in the CCJK market. We have acquired impeccable project management skills through years of working knowledge and experience of subject matter in the localization industry. We have successfully managed business-critical products for leading software and hardware companies including Siemens, Symantec, Microsoft, HP, and Philips and have also forged a robust relationship with L10N multilingual vendors.
To meet our clients' expectations for quality, speed and cost-reduction, we focus on improving and fostering teamwork and successful collaboration with MLVs and SLVs. Our efforts ensure that both our clients and Kowua gain a significant competitive advantage in the market and a prosperous business relationship for the future.

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