The work processes should be as efficient as possible and continually improving. Kowua's personnel constitute the most important resource for improving quality. Each personnel is responsible for ensuring that their work processes are efficient and continually improving. Kowua uniformly insists that qualified personnel are essential to the success of software localization and technical translation projects. From the beginning to the end Kowua consistently and strictly implements a critical process to hire qualified candidates. The Kowua selection process include the following steps:

  • Applicant submits the initial application online for review, including resume or curriculum vitae.
  • Qualified applicants must have localization experience and must demonstrate their abilities on a benchmark test.
  • A reference check is conducted, including character, work habits, language ability, and cultural knowledge.
  • A criminal record check(s) is conducted within the municipality the candidate has resided in for the past five years.
  • The first interview follows, including applicant background, ethics, principles of translating, and other professional considerations.
  • The second interview is conducted by a professional translator in the target language, who is affiliated with Kowua and/or with a respected member/elder for evaluation of linguistic, cultural, and technical knowledge and general standing in the community.
  • If a candidate is considered acceptable after these steps of examination the applicant is accepted as a personnel of Kowua and signs the contractor and NDA as an translator.
  • New translators access our network of professionals for mentoring, support from colleagues, and assistance with professional development.

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