High quality is not an added value; it is one of Kowua's most important core values and an essential basic requirement. Quality does not only relate solely to the services Kowua provides but also relates to the way our employees do their job and the work processes they follow to produce our services.


Adopting a strict and reasonable process is one of the best manners to assure the highest quality and cost-effectiveness of Kowua's services. We consulted a professional enterprise and designed a pragmatic approach. In the following procedure, multiple check points are set to ensure the best quality.


A Highly Organized Procedural Workflow Infrastructure:

Kowua's principles also believe that successful software localization and translation projects don't "just happen". Because translation is a demanding and labor-intensive task requiring technical knowledge of your subject matter, efficient communication among all parties involved, careful selection of linguistic and technical experts, and effective project management, Kowua deploys a strictly supervised and highly developed customized workflow system for each project that comes through our doors.

The Most Advanced Technologies Available:

While nothing replaces the skill of a human translator, Kowua helps keep your costs down while enhancing the quality of the end result by using a translation memory system shared in real-time among our staff in a same network environment. This guarantees consistency of glossaries and styles across translators, elements within projects and between different projects.

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