In the age of globalization the markets for all goods become more and more internationalized enforcing the need to provide information in a variety of languages. This is especially true for the software market, where the product itself consists nearly exclusively of localizable information. Translation and customization of software involves a variety of specialists, such as programmers, translators, 
localization engineers, quality assurance specialists, and project managers. Software localization therefore does not only involve well-conceived protocols for each task but also the coordination of a localization team, which may include employees as well as subject matter experts contracted by Kowua.
When our clients require us to localize their software application, we separate the text portion and the image portion of the application using state-of-the-art localization tools as well as clients’ proprietary tools. The text portion is routed to translation, review, and is then proofread before being applied to the target application. Likewise, the graphic portion goes to translation and DTP .
Once text and image translation are complete the application is debugged and tested. Kowua experts frequently identify bugs within source applications and our staff works closely with our clients’ development teams to eliminate them, which further enhances the quality of the application.
Project management remains the most important element in the success of software localization. At Kowua we have devised a comprehensive process flow for managing Software Application involving all functional entities from Project Manager, DTP Specialist, Localization Engineer, Translator, and QA/QC Testing Engineer.

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